Angelic Doodles are very popular!!!  ​​


Get on the waiting list as soon as you decide a miniature Sheepadoodle is right for you. Right now I have around a 9 month wait for one of my precious doodles. This does vary a little depending on each litter so just email me if you have any questions.

To get on my waiting list, simply click on the Purchase Agreement button at the bottom of this page. Fill out the form and follow the instructions on the page. That's it!

Then you're one step closer to getting your own 

Angelic Doodle.

Current Litters

 **You can get regular updates on all my current litters on Instagram!** 


I post videos and pictures of my puppies as they grow. Just click on the icon to the right and follow my page for weekly updates. You can also see my Instagram feed on the Instafamous tab at the bottom of the page. Email me for any further questions!




Tel: (903) 714-5078

(903) 714-5078