Welcome to Angelic Doodles.  I LOVE PUPPIES!!!  In fact, I have been an animal lover, and especially a dog lover all of my life. During my childhood, we raised Cocker Spaniels. As a young adult, I raised Boston Terriers, and since 2004, I have been raising miniature doodles.  I have a small number of breeding females.  The doodles leave our home loved, socialized, healthy, and ready for their new forever families.
Although I grew up in Dallas, I loved visiting my grandparents in east Texas.  And--being a former SFASU Lumberjack gave me four more years to fall deeper in love.  Because country living has always appealed to me and east Texas was calling me, our family moved about 50  miles East of Dallas.  We lived there for 13 years.  That is where Angelic Doodles originated. But, it wasn't far enough east for me.  I needed the feel of the glorious pine trees - those towering trees that sway in the wind and create sounds like a beautiful instrument.  So, further east we moved.  Angelic Doodles is set in the Piney Woods of East Texas outside of Tyler, Texas.  
I am so blessed to be able to raise my Angelic Doodles. Canines have always been a major part of my life.  I can't imagine life without them.   ( o :