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_____  Miniature Sheepadoodle (30-40 pound estimate) – B&W ($1995)

_____  Miniature Sheepadoodle (30 to 40 pound estimate) Merle ($2495)

Male:      _____

Female:  _____


***$250 deposit is required to hold place and is non-refundable.***

The puppy balance and fee for shipment must be paid within two days of your puppy selection date.  Also, when signing up to get on my waiting list, please note that you will be expected to take delivery of your puppy when it turns 8 weeks old on the planned shipment date.  If delivery is not taken at that time, a $20 per day boarding fee will accrue from that point until delivery.  Be aware that the popularity/uniqueness of the breeds and the fact that miniatures are harder to obtain could make the process of adopting one long.

I use United and American Airlines (at times) for puppy shipment.  When shipping is necessary, please state major airport choice below:


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 All Angelic Doodles’ Policies are subject to change without notice.