YOU got a puppy! Now What? 

So you have decided to get a puppy of your own, but now comes the scary part - TRAINING! Don't worry, we're here to help! Angelic Doodles offers a 6-week training program to help get your new puppy on the right track. By the time you're puppy comes home they will have an understanding of basic commands!

Such as: 

  • Sit

  • Lay Down

  • Stay

  • Heel

  • Come

Simply email to learn how to sign your new fur baby up for Puppy Prep School!


Tips and Tricks

I have recommended various foods in the past until I discovered pawTree. I have seen enormous benefits in my pets and my client's pets  and can't imagine finding a better kibble which is why I have made it mandatory for the puppy's first year.


Tel: (903) 714-5078

(903) 714-5078