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Date of Birth: 

Purchase price: 

Description of Puppy (at time of sale): 

Puppy Parents:



Your Doodle is guaranteed against serious health problems with proof of examination by a veterinarian (Purchaser’s expense). The guarantee begins when the puppy is placed with the Purchaser and continues for three business days after. Angelic Doodles reserves the right to have a second opinion by a veterinarian of Seller’s choice (Purchaser’s Expense). 


If a serious health problem is detected, the puppy should immediately be returned at Purchaser’s expense. The purchaser can either have a replacement puppy from the next similar available litter (with shipping at Purchaser’s expense) or have the purchase price refunded.


The Purchaser should take every precaution with the new puppy to avoid exposing him or her to contagious situations.


Your Doodle is guaranteed for 2 years from its date of birth against all life altering genetic diseases or Hip Dysplasia. The Purchaser must submit the appropriate report regarding the disease along with any x-rays. If the problem is hip dysplasia, an OFA, BVA, or Penn Hip report must be provided. 


If a puppy has a problem covered in the two-year genetic guarantee, the Purchaser will have two options:

1.    Angelic Doodles will pay for veterinary expenses up to the amount of the purchase price of the puppy.

2.    If the purchaser wishes to return the puppy at his or her own expense, the puppy will be replaced from the next available similar litter (with shipping of the new puppy at Purchaser’s expense).


Requirements for Guarantee

1.  Doodle must be kept on Nu-Vet daily supplement at all times. Nu-vet purchase verification will be required.

2.  Doodle must be fed pawTree food for at least the puppy's first year which is the most important time of growth and development.

3.  Doodle is not to be used for breeding.

4.  Purchaser agrees to provide routine preventative health care including inoculation, parasite control, and preventative medication. Records will be required.

5.  Veterinary records must be provided to Seller if requesting monetary payment for vet expenses or replacement puppy.

6.  Doodle must not be overweight any time during the guarantee period.


Not Included in Guarantee

Health problems arising from trauma, abuse, or failure to maintain general health care of Doodle.



The Seller is not liable to the Purchaser for any reason including but not limited to the following:

1.     A Doodle which has been subjected to abuse, accident, negligence, or misuse.

2.    Any consequential incidental or special damages resulting from or in manner related to this Doodle.


Upon execution of this contract, all veterinary care and its associated costs are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchaser. The parties agree that this is the agreement between them and that no other representations, either oral or written, have been made regarding the Doodle described above. The parties also agree that no changes in this contract shall be binding upon either of them without written modifications signed by both parties.

The Purchaser agrees that he or she understands this contract fully. The guarantee is void if this agreement is not signed and postmarked within 10 days from time of the Doodle’s delivery to Purchaser.

Breeder Signature:     ______________________________________Date:  ________________

Purchaser Signature:  ______________________________________Date:  ________________

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